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When selecting treatment options for drug or alcohol addiction, you may wonder which avenue to take. For many people, inpatient rehab in Draper is the best way to get the care and support necessary for adequate healing and recovery. Inpatient rehab is usually the second step in the process of recovery, preceded by the detoxification step. When involved in inpatient rehab, both substance abuse and mental health issues can get addressed simultaneously.

How Does Inpatient Therapy Work?

Someone going through inpatient rehab will dive into the behavioral and psychological aspects of addiction. An inpatient setting is structured, and you can plan on living your daily life, eating, and sleeping at the facility you choose. With inpatient treatment, participants uncover the root causes of addiction. This allows a platform for identifying strategies for managing issues once you reintegrate into your daily life after rehab. All of the skills you learn can then get applied to your daily living activities to help you prevent relapsing.

Who Should Try Inpatient Rehab in Draper?

The recovery process is known for having several important steps. For many, the initial step after deciding to quit alcohol or drugs will be detoxification. Detox is a state of treatment that eliminates alcohol or drugs from the system. During this phase, people usually experience withdrawal symptoms as the body no longer gets the substances it has grown used to. It is recommended that detox is done while under the supervision of medical professionals to ensure everything goes as safely and effectively as possible. From there, you will be ready to move into inpatient rehab if the facility you choose does not offer detox as part of the intake process.

Inpatient rehabilitation is good for anyone that is struggling with alcohol, drugs, or both. It is also good for someone who may have quit a substance in the past and relapsed recently. Inpatient rehab usually takes anywhere from 28 to 90 days, but some will opt for a longer stay depending on their unique situation.

What is Specialized Rehab?

Rehab for substance abuse is usually made up of therapy, addiction, and medical professionals to form a treatment plan based on the addict’s needs. Inpatient therapy becomes a core component of the treatment process, so you need to be comfortable in the surroundings that you choose. Many facilities will offer specialized programs that allow people a safe and welcoming atmosphere to start to open up and relate with peers who are also going through the steps.

When selecting an inpatient rehabilitation center, you want to take a look at your needs and the offerings of each facility. Some of the factors that you may want to consider include:

  • Mental health disorders
  • Age
  • Insurance coverage and cost
  • Addiction history
  • Whether specialized services are required

Annie’s House has the answers you have been looking for with your search for inpatient rehab in Draper. We would love to talk with you about any questions or concerns you have or to set up an intake for yourself or a loved one. You can reach us 24 hours a day by dialing (385) 255-9117.

Inpatient Rehab Draper

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Inpatient Rehab Draper

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