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Non 12 Step Treatment Programs

Responses about addiction recovery programs can range from tragic overdoses to tragic deaths from bizarre situations. Most of these stories have one thing in common – The patients thought rehab was too expensive and difficult to navigate. America’s system against addiction is still under construction but has come a long way since the early days of the 12-step program in the 1930s.

We have many pathways to the non-12-step recovery, which promote health for both the mind and body. The non 12 step drug and alcohol rehab promotes holistic wellness methods, such as self-empowerment and cognitive behavioral therapy. Zoe recovery has several non-12-step programs that adopt powerful psychological approaches to healing, with varying therapy curriculums for different dual diagnosis conditions.

Treatment methods in the non-12-step program

Cognitive behavior therapy

Treatment with CBT aims to correct thought patterns and problematic behaviors from poor coping skills. We teach you how to develop healthy coping skills and control alcohol and drug use triggers to prevent addiction.

Dialectical behavioral therapy

DBT is a form of CBT that blends psychotherapy with group therapy to develop better ways of regulating emotions and improving inter-dependent skills. While CBT and DBT aim to help one with better interpersonal skills and judgment analysis, DBT focuses on improving one’s emotional state while CBT deals with thought patterns.

DBT is a unique therapy that reduces emotional distress with the following stages of treatment:

  • Control – The first step focuses on helping clients connect to their emotion
  • Emotions – Clients get to understand their feelings better and fully experience what triggers emotions that lead to drug use
  • Coping tools – We help one develop a healthy lifestyle to improve life quality by introducing tools that manage emotions more effectively. As a result, you will realize that it is easy to get spiritual fulfillment in other life areas by feeding your inner being with encouragement and emotional resilience.

Contingency management

This treatment reinforces the medical treatments to help one stay sober. You may take prescription medication, attend straight support groups at the Non 12 step holistic alcohol and drug rehab and participate in counseling sessions that help you identify and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Holistic therapy

Eastern medicine is making its mark in drug rehab programs. These therapies emphasize more profound healing of the mind and spirit while healing your body with a healthy dose of exercise.

Our non-12-step alcohol and drug rehab has the advantage of the beautiful scenery at a California beach, which offers massive mental and emotional benefits to the psyche. We have daily Yoga sessions and do not restrict residents from enjoying the space at any time of day. Here is why we use the beach and natural environment to enhance the non 12 step alcoholics anonymous treatment.

  • The sounds of the ocean put your mind at ease while the negative ions from the ocean breeze uplift your mood.
  • A healthy dose of exposure to the sun will give you vitamin D for better health and happiness.

The purpose of a drug and rehab center is not to give you a false sense of recovery but to instill a completely new mindset and lifestyle. Talk to us today via (866) 507-1048 inquiries on the 24/7 admission system.

Non 12 Step Treatment Programs

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Non 12 Step Treatment Programs

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