Revival Iv Lounge

Revival IV Lounge is a leading provider of  IV fluid therapy solutions and IV hydration therapy. We offer vitamin hydration therapy at Lake Mary, Oviedo, East Orlando, and Orlando. At Revival IV Lounge, we aim at helping you look the best and feel good with a firm and alluring shape. 

We use the most inventive treatment techniques to rejuvenate and improve your overall health. Certified pharmacists and physicians formulate our vitamin injections and vitamin IV therapy.

Our service targets help you attain a level of optimal health and physical wellbeing.

Our vitamin IV therapy is a particularly-tailored blend of vitamins, essential fluids, antioxidants, and electrolytes. Our vitamin IV drips can enhance the symptoms of headaches, dehydration, brain fog, cold and flu, and migraines. 

It can also enhance individual health goals like weight loss, anti-aging, detox, neurological function, etc.

Vitamin IV drips infuse the saline solution through a tiny catheter and flow straight into the bloodstream. This solution often includes vitamin supplements and medications tailored to a particular patient.

During the process, the nurse will insert an IV line attached to a saline solution. Afterward, the nurse will hang the solution bag above the patient’s head. Notably, saline solution bags are specifically designed to make gravity transport fluid into veins over time.

Here are some of the services we offer:

IV Drip for Hangovers

We offer an IV drip for hangover treatment. The treatment is a safe and effective technique to resist hangover symptoms within 30 to 60 minutes quickly. Our therapy rehydrates your body, restores your nutrients while flushing out toxins lost during your heavy night drinking. It then cleanses your system thoroughly. 

Our formula includes anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea remedies to provide quick relief. This will bring your state of wellbeing back to normal in no time.

Infusion Therapy Featuring IV Fluid

We offer infusion therapy featuring IV fluid in each of our lounges in Miami. Our therapy is safe and effective. Generally, prescribing intravenous fluids demands a comprehension of the electrolyte homeostasis and physiology of fluid. This includes the physiological responses to disease and injury and understanding of the attributes of intravenous fluids.

IV Fluid Therapy Solutions

Our IV fluid therapy solutions are supplemental fluids used in intravenous therapy to restore or sustain average fluid volume. Also, it restores the electrolyte balance of the oral route. 

IV fluid therapy is an effective and efficient way of supplying fluids straight into the intravascular fluid compartment. It also replaces the electrolyte losses, distributing medications and blood products.

Generally, our bodies require a regular amount of minerals and vitamins to enhance optimal health and homeostasis. Lack of vitamins in the body can add to severe and long-term conditions.

Furthermore, antioxidants play a significant role in keeping the immune system healthy. It also detoxifies the body and removes excess radicals that may lead to cellular damage. Antioxidants are a big player when it comes to energy production.

Whether you want proactive health or need help with a chronic disease, our well-trained medical staff is here to help you. At the Revival IV Lounge, we can help you get back to living your best life!Contact Elevate Miami to learn more about our services: 305-359-5569