Addiction and Your Subconscious Mind

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Your conscious mind, the thoughts you are aware of, and your logic is the LEAST important thing when it comes to treating mental health and addiction.

Why? Because your conscious mind accounts for about 5% of your daily actions, decisions and behaviors. Which means that – talking about things and reasoning with logic (both associated with the conscious mind) only changes about 5% of the problem.

The REAL problem has roots far beyond this. The roots stem down from the things you are aware of, bypass the critical faculty of your conscious mind and embed in a neurological network of automated programs we call your SUBCONSCIOUS mind.

All of your emotions originate in your subconscious mind. When you experience an uncomfortable emotion, like shame, anger, or sadness, it can be overwhelming to your conscious mind. At that point, many people bring their awareness AWAY from their emotions and into their head.

This mind-body disconnect is the breeding ground for addiction because your subconscious mind is stuck processing the uncomfortable emotion in a mal-adaptive, habitual way while the conscious mind has checked out.

Accessing your subconscious mind is the portal to changing your life.

When you access it correctly, you can change any pattern, shift any program and create any new reality you desire.

How do you access your subconscious mind? You use your body. Your subconscious mind exists beyond language, thus, relying on bodily sensations and movement opens the portal to change. The neurological patterns you want to change were usually formed early in childhood.

Between the ages of 0-7, your mind is programming in everything you experience, the good and the bad, with almost no discernment. For example, if you experience your parents having an abusive relationship, your subconscious mind transcribes that into your neurology as “relationships are scary and unsafe”. As a grown up, your subconscious mind still retains this pattern and will actually subconsciously SORT for it when choosing relationships.

Unfortunately, the subconscious mind prioritizes whatever was there FIRST, not whatever is best for you. However, this can all be changed quickly and easily with hypnosis!

When you combine hypnosis with the movement and awareness of your body, you gain the ability to go deep inside and rewire your own neurology for the betterment of yourself and your loved ones.

Many people think that hypnosis takes away control. It’s the complete opposite. Hypnosis gives you back control. Hypnosis gives you the ability to physically rewire patterns that you desire to change.

When you do this, you are aligning your own free will with the nature of everything – which is expansion. Your sense of self expands. Your joy expands. Your nervous system makes new connections and expands. Your emotional intelligence expands. Your ability to choose HEALTHY ways of coping expands, and thus treating the root cause of addiction and mental health struggles.

In my practice, I have witnessed my client’s overcoming years of physical pain, addictions, depression and more, in a time frame that blows my mind every single time. I firmly believe without a shadow of a doubt, that through awareness and proper rewiring, anything is possible for absolutely anyone.

Working in Agoura Hills, at FOY Wellness and Recovery, has allowed me the opportunity to make a difference in the recovery community.

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