What is “Energy Healing” and Why I Became a Practitioner

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“Attention goes where energy flows”. Have you ever heard that saying? It sounds quite simple, but how often do we pay attention to how our energy, or the negative or positive energy of others around us?

So many of us are in the mode of going about our day, without giving what we are doing much thought. We may drop our kids off at school, go to work, pick kids up, make dinner, get everyone to bed, and then get on our devices for…longer than we think we are on. This is ok and works fine for most people. But what happens when we have a bad day? Hear unpleasant news? When we, or a loved one gets sick? It can throw you right off track.

Our minds can wander a mile a minute worrying about all of these things. Here’s where Energy Healing comes in, and I’ll tell you how it has helped me.

A few years ago, I had an unexplained locking in my hip. The locking then turned into a dull pain, which made it hard for me to stand for long hours at a time in my work as a hairstylist. I quickly made a visit to my family doctor, who thought it was a hernia. I got a second opinion, and this doctor wasn’t sure if it was a hernia or not, so she sent me to a surgeon for a third opinion.

The surgeon put me though a few tests, and all of the results came back normal. On the day I received the news, from the surgeon while in his office, of the normal test results, I left in a state of anxiety. I knew there was something wrong with my hip, and didn’t know if I’ve ever find relief.

The next day, I woke up with shingles.

I wasn’t sure what it was, and went to two doctors in two weeks to get a diagnosis. Neither thought I had the shingles, mainly because I was not the typical age to get. It took weeks, and a trip to a third doctor to figure out that it was, in fact the shingles.

What can cause shingles? Stress! Stress can weaken the immune system, and can be a trigger for shingles.

I realized then that something had to change. Just near the end of my physical therapy for my hip, (which by the way, was finally diagnosed as a labrum tear with an FAI impingement requiring a 3-hour surgery to fix), I received an email to partake in a 30-day yoga challenge at a local yoga studio.

I jumped into the challenge, and took 30-yoga classes in 30-days, and won the challenge. It was in one of the classes that an instructor would come around near the end of her classes, and offer Energy Healing, just for a few moments, by laying her palms on the crowns of our heads.

I felt calm and clear during my practice in yoga and loved the added bonus of the energy work.
I began to feel much better, more confident and had more joy and peace in my life than I had in years.

Friends and family even noticed the change in me. I noticed it too. I felt compelled to learn more about Energy Healing, so I quickly found a trusted teacher and became an Energy Healing practitioner shortly after.

The benefits of a session are simple, yet affective. It provides deep relaxation, stress relief, and can promote self-healing. This works well with those working towards recovery from mental health and addiction. I like to call it a “Soul Massage.” A holistic approach to healing.

Curious about Energy Healing and all of the other wonderful modalities offered at FOY Life and FOY Wellness and Recovery (an out-patient mental health and addiction treatment center)? Stop in for a tour, and enjoy a cup of tea on us! We are located in Agoura Hills, CA. I hope to meet you soon.