The Mind-Body Connection with Kimberly McGuirk

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Kim is a Ventura County native, born and raised in Camarillo. She started her practice in 2003 in her hometown and she now offers massage ranging from light relaxing to serious muscle work that deals with trauma and injury at Foy Wellness and Recovery in Agoura hills. She has degrees in Psychology & Business from Moorpark College as well as over 500 hours of massage training.

The ability to incorporate the different aspects of her education into one career path has made FOY Wellness and Recovery a life-changing place for Kim to work. She started in massage right out of high school to aid in the orthopedic recovery of her twin brother who was confined to a wheelchair. She thought she was going to massage school to change his life for the better, but if only she knew that it would change her life immeasurably. She spent the next four years training and working to be able to better assist him all the while gaining valuable knowledge that would make her unique in her field, after he passed in 2007, she knew that there would always be others out there who need her just like he did.

Kim incorporates postural work as well as muscle lengthening in her massages. She is a big believer in education work with the client, if you understand how that body part is supposed to work and what it is actually doing you will be better equipped to aid in your own healing process. She is a big believer in assessing the body and will ask lots of questions to aid her in her bodywork plan. Comfortable with all body types and levels of ability, Kim has continued to be accepting and open to all clients, allowing them to feel safe when in her care. Stepping into the realm of intensive outpatient programs, the path that has taken her to Foy Wellness and Recovery in Agoura has given her the opportunity to help in ways she didn’t know were possible when she started her journey all those years ago.