Dr. Shannon Dobbs, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Dr. Shannon Dobbs is a licensed clinical psychologist. Having practiced psychology for over 15 years in diverse clinical settings, She has extensive experience with anxiety, depression, mood disorders, couples therapy, relationship/family problems, dual-diagnoses, and substance abuse. Dr. Dobbs believes that energetically clients are at an imbalance and her psychodynamic approach involves treating the WHOLE person through proven clinical approaches such as attachment focus, psychosomatic integration, Gestalt therapy, CBT, DBT, and energetic navigation.

Dr. Dobbs has extensive experience working with the chronically mentally ill from private practice to hospital settings around Southern California. She currently serves as Clinical Director in Addiction Treatment Centers. She is an owner at FOY Wellness and Recovery Intensive outpatient program in Agoura hills, California.

Dr Dobbs feels that the main issue with treating substance abuse and mental health is that there is a lack of empowerment. People need to understand that they can make small choices that lead to big change and shift their energy completely. Little enthusiasms create purpose and power to push through anything. If these enthusiasms are locked in our body and not processed energetically, we become stuck.

Through her training and experience, Dr. Dobbs found fault with the traditional therapeutic model, feeling as though the “energy awareness” was missing and the major problem being the disassociation between mind and body. So many are focused on the symptoms and miss out on the huge picture that lies beneath. Many of us are living in bodies that are blocked energetically. The blocks keep us stuck in states of disease, and we are completely unaware.

Creating the program FOY Wellness and Recovery IOP with partners Deanna Farnell and Jeff McGinley, allowed for a powerful journey that bridges holistic and energetic integration and clinical and psychodynamic processes. The merriment has been more than they could have asked for. The response to the program is profound and life altering. FOY Wellness and Recovery intensive out-patient program in Agoura Hills focuses both on mental health and addiction while allowing for physical change with its detox teas from around the world and supplementation and nutritional education that support and encourage the body to keep up with the mental healing that takes place. This IOP is the whole package and is a must need carve out for anyone needed to retreat for self-care or mental health.