Yoga, Meditation & Music Therapy with Gary Shiaman

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Gary offers yoga, meditation, and music therapy services at Foy Wellness and Recovery in Agoura Hills, working with individuals and groups in mental health and addiction recovery. Working in this field for over five years as a music therapist and yoga instructor, Gary is deeply passionate about improving the lives of all the clients he works with.

Gary’s yoga sessions focus on smooth, flowing movements to help increase strength, flexibility, and fluidity of the breath. During these sessions clients learn to build the connection between the breath, body, and mind, allowing them to deepen their focus when they are presented with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings relating to their addictive behaviors. Through this practice they can learn to see things from healthier perspectives, helping them to look past their usual ways of thinking which may have led them to their addictive cycles. In addition to mental and emotional benefits, yoga is also a great source of physical exercise. Depending on the client’s needs, Gary offers sessions that focus on slow and gentle movements to help soothe and release tension in the body, or fast-paced and energizing sequences to increase strength and stamina.

Additionally, Gary leads meditation sessions, which help clients to slow down and feel more present with their thoughts and emotions. Through the use of breath-work exercises and guided imagery, clients learn to relax and find calm amidst the storm of their anxious feelings. Meditation also teaches individuals to notice their thoughts without automatically judging and reacting to them, allowing them to make healthier decisions going forward, instead of repeating damaging cycles of past behavior.

Gary offers music therapy services, including sound baths, which use the soothing sounds of various live instruments, including crystal bowls, chimes, and steel tongue drums, to aid in relaxation and restoration of the body and mind. During these sessions clients are treated to the healing vibrations and Gary’s unique melodic and harmonic approach to playing these instruments. In some sessions clients will lie down and relax to receive the healing benefits from the sounds and vibrations. Other sessions provide interactive opportunities for clients to actively engage with the instruments themselves, allowing them to explore and express their thoughts and emotions through the modality of music.

Gary’s sessions often incorporate all three of these modalities, with the guided, gentle movement of yoga, the breath awareness and calm stillness of meditation, and the soothing vibrations of live music. This gives clients a variety of healing experiences from which to benefit. Gary’s offerings provide a space for exploration, expression, and deep healing, helping individuals struggling with addiction and mental health issues to create healthier habits in their lives moving forward. Yoga, meditation, and music have been vastly influential in helping Gary on his path in life, and he is grateful to share their healing benefits with all who visit Foy Wellness and Recovery in Agoura Hills.